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15-21 Days Metabolic Detox Programme

Detoxification is a process that requires nutrients and energy and that puts a metabolic burden on the body. Therefore, subjecting the body to water or juice fasts exclusively may not be beneficial because these fasts could deplete the body of the essential nutrients required for healthy detoxification. These fasts can have many adverse health effects, including decreased energy production, breakdown of lean tissue instead of fat, increased oxidative stress, and unbalanced detoxification.

The body's natural detoxifying, cleansing and filtering processes involve primarily  the liver, the digestive tract, the lungs, the kidneys and the skin. Therefore, it is imperative to support these organs if we want to promote and encourage detoxification. Minimising exposure to toxins is only one part of a beneficial detoxification programThe foods you eat, the activities you engage in, and the emotions and thoughts that you create all play a role in supporting and nourishing all the detoxification organs so that they can eliminate toxins efficiently.

The detoxification program I offer, provides a complete line of natural, science-based supplements and foods to support nutritionally the natural pathways of metabolic detoxification to promote overall health. 


I am a qualified Nutri Advanced© NutriClean practitioner and I can offer my clients the Nutri Advanced© NutriClean Programme – an innovative and effective 15-21 day program specifically designed to help support and nurture the liver and digestive and elimination functions.


Can it help me? 

The Detox Program can help with symptoms such as fatigue, weight gain problems, blood sugar balance issues, allergies, mental function, skin problems, digestive discomfort, low mood issues, sleeping patterns, migraines and more.

What could I expect?


  • Weight loss and reduction in BMI.
  • Reduction in symptoms including: fatigue, poor concentration, headaches, mood swings, frequent coughs and colds, insomnia, bags / dark circles under the eyes, blocked nose / sinus problems, skin rashes and spots, hot flashes, itchy / dry skin, digestive problems (bloating, nausea, indigestion, diarrhoea, constipation), aches and pains, binge eating / drinking, and food cravings.

How does it work? 

The program works in two ways: First, it reduces toxic stress by removing toxins, food allergens, and other "stresses" from the diet and environment, and second, it provides nutrients (through whole foods, quality protein, fruit and vegetables, as well as supplements) that help support optimal liver and digestive function.

What is provided? 

The programme includes:


  • 90 min initial nutritional therapy consultation, in which your health concerns and dietary habits are discussed, and the program is described in detail.
  • 45 minute follow-up consultation once the programme is finished.
  • Personal email support during the programme – to answer any queries and help keep you motivated.
  • Nutri Advanced nutritional supplements or equivalent – specifically selected for liver and gut support.
  • Information package - containing all the information you need to  complete the program successfully, including: list of foods allowed, shopping lists, recipes and menu planners.

How much does it cost? 

The NutriClean program costs $400 USD / £330- this includes all supplements, 2 one-to-one nutritional therapy consultations, information pack (food lists, meal planners and recipes) and email support throughout the program.