Llevo cuatro cursos con Mónica y la experiencia, además de divertida y enriquecedora, ha cambiado mi forma de adquirir mis alimentos; ahora soy más consiente de mis combinaciones y elecciones. El curso de Balance Hormonal en particular, por el momento que estoy pasando, ha sido de enorme ayuda.

¡Recomiendo sus cursos ampliamente!

Lupita T.

“I thoroughly enjoyed Monica's cooking demonstration on 'healthy skin from within'. I learned so much and came away with simple and truly delicious recipes; even a way to get my family to happily eat kale! Such a fun, enjoyable and lovely demo. Thank you Monica!”

Diane B.

“Monica helped me to reach optimal health at a time when I needed it most-- during pregnancy.  After being diagnosed with autoimmune disease, I knew I needed to make a major lifestyle shift in order to feel good and ensure the health of my baby.  I had been avoiding certain foods based on my doctor's advice, but I didn't have a good grasp on how to replace them with healthful, healing food.  Monica took the time to thoroughly research and understand my individual needs and come up with an approachable plan for nutrition and overall wellness.  The results are not only evident in the way I feel, but also in my lab work!  Thank you! “

Liz G.

“I have never particularly enjoyed fermented foods, but signed up for the class to support my friend. However, I LOVED the class, enjoyed the various foods we made, and will definitely be making the recipes myself. I’m so excited to incorporate fermented foods into my diet, because I know how good they are for me!”

Nicky O.